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Feminist Sticker Collection | Women's Empowerment

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Adorable minimalist sticker set design as a perfect gift idea. It can also be used as giveaways for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, bridal shower, or any special occasion. Ideal for your feminist gals and pals. Nice addition to your laptop or water bottle sticker collection. DESIGNS• 1 | Angry Feminist Killjoy in Strawberry• 2 | Spill, Sis under Floral Teacup• 3 | Mansplain At Your Own Risk Warning Label• 4 | Winter Spring Summer Fall [of Patriarchy]• 5 | No One Wants Your Opinion under Flower Field• 6 | Not Your Uterus, Not Your Problem• 7 | May You Have the Confidence of A Mediocre White Man in Floral Design• 8 | Not Today, Karen in Kawaii Bubbly Letters• 9 | Recycle Plastic, Discard Fragile Men Environmental DesignSTICKER BUNDLE• Discounts up to 25% off• Check out my shop for other sticker designs and bundle for a discount!• Indicate your bundle choices under "Personalization"PIN BUNDLE• 2 Stickers + 1 PinMORE CANCEL MEN COLLECTION ITEMS | MORE SOCIAL JUSTICE ITEMS |

• Dimensions and Size: 3 x 3 Die-Cut Vinyl Transparent Sticker
• Thick, durable vinyl protects your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight
• WATERMARK WILL BE REMOVED on the ordered product

• Packaged in reinforced kraft envelopes to prevent transport damage

• Keep vinyl cover/sleeve away from children and pets - they may be a choking hazard.
• Please check with your local USPS if you're having trouble locating your order.

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