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"Gender is Fluid" Clear Sticker | Genderfluid Pride | LGBTQIA+ Collection

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50% of this collection's profits will be donated to OutRight Action International, an organization that fights for the rights of LGBTQ+ members around the world (learn more in the link in bio).

Every June, it's pretty disappointing to see big companies lazily slap rainbows on their merchandise. This year, I wanted to spend time designing some alternatives that are cuter, funnier, and overall have more personality. I hope you agree!


1 | "Yes homo" in Rainbow Colors

2 | "Hi Gay, I'm Dad" - Cringey Dad Joke

3 | "Gay Agenda" Planner pun

4 | "Vagitarian" in Lesbian Pride Flag colors

5 | "Por Que no Los Dos" in Bisexual Pride flag colors (a reference to old Taco Bell commercial, meaning "Why not both?")

6 | "Hello, I'm not entirely sure yet" nametag in Queer Pride Flag colors

7 | "Ace - Not A Prude" card in Asexual Pride Flag colors

8 | "All Places Should Be Safe Spaces" planet in Transgender Pride Flag colors

9 | "Emotional Support Heterosexual"

10 | "F*ck the Cis-Tem" in Nonbinary Pride Flag Colors

11 | "All of the Above" in Pansexual Pride Flag Colors

12 | "Fix Hearts, Not Parts" in Intersex Pride Flag Colors

13 | "Gender [is] Fluid" in Genderfluid Pride Flag Colors

14 | "Demi as Helly" in Demisexual Pride Flag Colors

15 | "Hopeless Aromantic" in Aromantic Pride Flag Colors


• Dimensions and Size: 3 x 3 Die-Cut Vinyl Transparent Sticker

• Thick, durable vinyl protects your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight

• WATERMARK WILL BE REMOVED on the actual ordered product


• Packaged in reinforced kraft envelopes to prevent transport damage


• Keep vinyl cover/sleeve away from children and pets - they may be a choking hazard.

• Please check with your local USPS if you're having trouble locating your order.

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